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CEO's Message

For more than 14 years, our ethos at Pyramid Gas has demanded that we conduct our business with a purpose,with an unwavering attention towards our customers' needs.In our early years, our efforts were focused primarily on meeting the demand for LPG through imports. We had to differentiate our approach and therefore broadend our lens to adopt a growth mindset for the LPG business. With time and perseverance our business has grown in size and market reach.Our customers trust us and we try to meet their trust by consistently meeting our commitments to them.We also have a deep sense of our corporate responsibility towards people and the environment.



It is to fulfill these obligations that we have developed and implemented safety and sustainability policies, to ensure that we reduce the direct and indirect risks of our business operations to as low as reasonably practicable.We are integrating sustainability into everything we do, from our operations to our business planning. Being the market leader we strive to demonstrate of our core values in our order to be a role model for new entrants in the energy landscape of Pakistan.My mantra as a business leader is to continue supporting positive change within the local and global stakeholders of the LPG value chain. To achieve my vision for the future of Pyramid, I not only aim to advocate and promote the usage of LPG accross the industries,but also welcome its diverse challenges. The success of our mission dictates that we continue investing in building our human capital, valuing their safety, well-being and professionalism.Building a sustainable organization takes time, vision and persistence. We are proud of where we are now and realistic about the challenges that lie ahead. Our future is built upon our resolves to commit aur efforts in the persuit of our visionthrough relentless, incremental improvements that allow us to get better and better with each passing day.

About us

Pyramid Gas Private Limited is a leading corporate entity engaged in LPG business since its incorporation in November 2003.Pyramid is making a substancial contribution towards decimating the gap between national demand and supply of energy. Currently Pyramid caters to the national demand of LPG by providing 20,000 to 22,000 metric tons of LPG per month. The company benefits from multiple supply sources across the middle-east along with local allocations from OGDCL and others. Owing to its strong financial standing, Pyramid holds a remarkable reputation with local as well as international banking and trade finance institutions.This reputation enables Pyramid to act as a vita supply chain from partners to customers, providing reliable linkages with international distributors across the border.Pyramid is the suppliers of LPG to the industrial sector,owing to its promptly available and competitively priced fuel regardless of seasonality. The agglomeration of strategic domestic supply chain partners to Pyramid is led by EVTL enabling it to attain a storage capacity of 14,720 MT including hospitality services and on wheel storage across the country.

01.our histroy

Our company is playing a vital role abridging the gap between our customers and international distributors across the border through its strong financial muscles and bank’s L/C facilities. Pyramid Gas is amongst the biggest supplier in Industrial sector, owing to its readily stock availibility in all seasons at EVTL with the storage capacity of 6500MT ,its prompt supply network constituting fleet of own bowsers and sophisticated bobtails, professional expertise and above all its competitive price. The sales network of the company is spread all over the Pakistan having its own filling plant located at Jandiala Sher Khan and sale points facilities throughout Pakistan with a network of distributors.

02.our vision

To be the prime stakeholder in cultivating national progress through the provision of innovative energy solutions and elevating the national skill-pool by creating an environment based on professionalism, rewarding best in class performance and ensuring industry corporate governance standards.

03.our mission

To take all steps necessary to ensure that we provide excellent value to end consumers of LPG with the most cost effective and readily accessible solutions across Pakistan,in a consistently safe,socially responsible and environmently sustainable manner.

04.our values

  • Humility
  • Commitment
  • Persistence

05.our achievements

Over the past few years, the vision of Pyramid Gas has recieved considerable recognition and a number of awards and accolades.However,the company is more concerned with the impact it is making in terms of meeting the country's growing energy needs.Pyramid Gas will not rest on its laurels and will serve as a catalyst for positive change in the energy supply sector. The journey over the time has been fraught with challenges and rewarding outcomes.We are providing convenience and trust to millions of LPG users across Pakistan and are seeking opportunities to better our own performance in every possible way.Our growth is visible and a testament to our capacity and capability of endurance against all odds.

06.Our Expertise

  • Efficient & reliable LPG supply chain
  • Importation & domestic procurement of LPG
  • Proactive continous demand forecasting
  • Safe and affordable LPG supply